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Running the Goat

Resolution for the new year is to post more links to cool things I am listening too.  I’ve been a fan of podcasting for a long time, and get most of my radio and music now through the web.  There is so much out there that is cool.

For this first post, a podcast that was recently re-aired on Radio Netherlands.  It is called Running the Goat, and is a documentary about a dance from the vanished village of Harbour Deep, Newfoundland.  The dance was a staple in the community and is strongly associated with the 350 year history of the village.  Harbour Deep stopped existing in 2002, never managing to recover from the the 1992 closure of the inshore cod fishery.

The dance however, lives on.

Chris Brooks hosts Running the Goat.  And for more on Harbour Deep: visit A Map of The Sea.

A podcast with Dave Pollard

Last week Dave Pollard, author of How to Save the World interviewed me for his first podcast.  We had a lovely conversation about essential human capacities, Open Space, unschooling and leadership.  Head over to Dave’s quite excellent and prolific blog and have a listen.  You can also download the podcast here.
And thanks to Dave for inviting me in.

Island Time podcast

Many of you know that I have been writing for five years about living on Bowen Island, off the west coast of Canada. With the advent of Artisan Radio, a small community radio station that also streams to the web, I have returned to my radio roots with a show produced by my family, called “Island Time.” The first episode of Island Time is online, as a podcast. You can find it hosted at the Internet Archive, where you will also find show notes and three different audio formats.

Download the mp3 here.


00:00 Intro
00:38 Bowen Moment – Cocoa West Soundscape
02:31 Our Island’s Ours Again
06:41 Bowen Moment – Deep Bay summer afternoon Soundscape
09:53 Searching for plumnose anemones at the Union Steamship marina
16:43 Bowen Moment – First fall rain
19:04 Making jelly from wild berries
28:04 Outro and creditsProduced by Chris Corrigan, Caitlin Frost, Aine Corrigan-Frost and Finn Corrigan-Frost for Artisan Radio (http://www.artisanradio.com0 88.7FM, Bowen Island, BC, Canada.For more information