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Chris Corrigan works with organizations, communities and teams to address strategic challenges using dialogic approaches to decision making. On this website you will find facilitation resources, cases, publications, and a set of over 2000 blog posts dating back to 2002 on organizational development, complexity and facilitation.



Chris What


Facilitation, strategic design and decision making, specializing in large group participatory processes for strategic conversations.

Chris is also a noted speaker and a well known teacher and steward of the Art of Hosting, an approach to participatory leadership practiced worldwide.

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My approach to working with clients is grounded in complexity work and dialogic organizational development. Learn more about how I work with context, content and container to build resilient and adaptive approaches to strategic challenges.

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Books in my Library
Over the years people have asked me about the most important books in my library. Here are the essentials, books that have been influential and which I continue to consult and work with.

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Facilitation Resources
Here is a collection of resources I use in my facilitation practice. By and large these resources support facilitation of participatory and self-organizing process at scales ranging from very small groups to large conferences. I use some of these tools directly and others as inspirations to design and create my own processes.

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Openspace Resources
This collection of resources, notes, stories and references is intended to support facilitators and sponsors in convening and running Open Space Technology events. There are also resources here that may extend deeper learning in the four practice areas of opening, inviting, holding and grounding, and help you find ways to open and hold space in bigger ways.

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Planning an Open Space Technology Meeting
Before reading through this page, feel free to download a copy of the planning checklist in MS Word format. Also check the invitation and planning resources page for more forms and documents and help with creating invitations and getting ready for the event.

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