Power and listening

A great quote from a post by Mark Simon:

The more
power you have,
the more people will lis ten respectfully
to your story.
listening to some one’s story is a way
of empowering them, of validat ing
their intrinsic worth
as a human being.
~ Kay Pra nis

A very important principle for design work.

19. August 2011 by Chris Corrigan
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  1. Celebrate International Literacy Day!

    Launch of Poem Catcher in City Hall with Anna Marie Sewell Thursday September 8, 2 pm City Room, main floor City Hall 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
    Launch of Poem Catcher in City Hall with Anna Marie Sewell

    Come celebrate and meet Anna Marie Sewell, Edmonton’s newly appointed Poet Laureate, as she launches the Poem Catcher in conjunction with International Literacy Day.
    Drawing from her Anishnabe heritage, the Poem Catcher will be a place in City Hall for people to come and write (or draw) their thoughts and feelings about what is significant in our Edmonton. She will use these words to inform and inspire poems she will write for the City during her new term.

  2. Clearly this event is in Edmonton. Hope it was a good time.