A podcast with Dave Pollard

Last week Dave Pollard, author of How to Save the World interviewed me for his first podcast.  We had a lovely conversation about essential human capacities, Open Space, unschooling and leadership.  Head over to Dave’s quite excellent and prolific blog and have a listen.  You can also download the podcast here.
And thanks to Dave for inviting me in.


  1. Very cool! You have a way conveying words, especially when talking. Haha, it was like as if I was talking to you.


  2. Thanks OMR…

  3. […] Photo by Feng Jiang A propos of the interview I did with Dave Pollard last week, there was an interesting comment at Johnnie Moore’s weblog: I can’t help but wonder if, “if we need to discover that we don’t need leaders”, is just wishful thinking on Corrigan’s part. Admittedly, many of those who call themselves leaders are just over-promoted managers at best, or administartors at worst, but we all know great leadership when we see it. And we need it to motivate, cajole and direct those who don’t see the bigger picture and their role in delivering it. Whether we like it or not, hierarchy and its sibling command & control, are here to stay. That doesn’t mean that networked organisations and self-organisation are not valuable additions, but they are just that. Additions, not the norm. […]