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Of the musics you have ever got…

Home now from Ireland, with this marvellous extract from Flann O Brien’s “At Swim-Two-Birds” that somehow captures my experience of living a week in Ballyvaughn listening to the rush of na Gaeilige spoken from the mouths of scholars and poets … Continue reading

10. September 2013 by Chris Corrigan
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Journeying to simplicity and reengagement

On a bus at the moment travelling from Tartu to Tallinn, through the Estonian countryside.  We pass by fields and forests that remind me deeply of the southern Ontario countryside I grew up, differing only in the occasional ruins of … Continue reading

27. August 2013 by Chris Corrigan
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Dispatch from the northern forest

  in northern Minnesota, on a lake near Callaway at a strange place called Maplelag Resort with 25 indigenous nation rebuilders…held in a landscape that is turning red as the maples and the oaks show their colours., and reflecting blue … Continue reading

18. September 2012 by Chris Corrigan
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Glimpsing what’s important

Istanbul is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and it’s not surprising why. The city holds so much history of importance to both Europe and Asia that people come from all over to touch it and … Continue reading

12. August 2012 by Chris Corrigan
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Resting on the edge of Europe

I think it’s fair to say that the expression “I’m writing from a rooftop terrace in the old part of Istanbul” has a certain romantic appeal to it. And this is where I am, having travelled on a short red … Continue reading

11. August 2012 by Chris Corrigan
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Hanging out with walrus hunters in Oregon

I’m at an Open Space conference in Grande Ronde, Oregon which is a summit of Tribal leaders and federal government agencies from around the Pacific Northwest of the USA, and Alaska.  The subject of the meeting is improving relations around … Continue reading

01. May 2012 by Chris Corrigan
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Travel is like magic

It sometimes boggles my mind, how easy it actually is to cross an entire continent. Yesterday I woke up at 6am in the Beaver Valley, on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario where a beautiful crisp spring day greeted … Continue reading

26. April 2012 by Chris Corrigan
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Home from The Burren

An incredible trip to Ireland and England with my dad, and yesterday I have returned home.  We were in The Burren in Co. Clare for an Art of Hosting and then my dad and I drove to Armagh to see … Continue reading

17. January 2012 by Chris Corrigan
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Homeward bound

Long week here in Calgary and happy to be finally homeward bound. Starting with a quick flight over the mountains to Vancouver, train downtown, cab to Horseshoe Bay, followed by a ferry ride to Bowen and a quick ride home.

03. June 2011 by Chris Corrigan
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A poem from the streets of Calgary

A poem from my travels this week in Calgary What we were trying not to see Behind us a cloud rimmed By the electric light of a prairie spring’s Sharp sunset casts a glow On the towers downtown. In that … Continue reading

31. May 2011 by Chris Corrigan
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