The practice of balancing rocks

One of the practices I have cultivated for many years is the art of rock balancing. I was initially inspired in this by watching rock balancing artists along the waterfront in Vancouver in the mid nineties. I was amazed at the serene beauty of large rocks balanced at improbable angles.

When I began trying this for myself, I discovered that the practice is deeply reflective and highly instructive. It is a calming meditation, inviting rocks to find a balance with one another, and it is a lovely metaphor for the leadership qualities of facilitating and holding space. Often, as part of the Art of Hosting workshops I help teach, I offer rock balancing as a morning practice, to bring presence and calm to the day ahead.

If you would like to join me for an hour or two of rock balancing on Bowen Island or elsewhere, please feel free to contact me. I’m always up for play. I can also offer short workshops in conferences, gatherings and retreat.

Since 2007 I have begun taking photographs of rocks I have balanced in various places to which I have travelled. I invite you to enjoy a slide show of my collection at my flickr gallery.