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Florida foliage

A plant by the Marriot near the Tampa airport.

A busy and packed trip to Baltimore and Tampa this week prevented much in the way of blogging, but there were several links of note that crossed my attention.

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Frosty mornings

A review of things that caught my eye this week:

How to Save the World, one book at a time

Dave Pollard has published a comprehensive list of books which together might hold to the keys to How to Save the World.  To those I would add these, from my library, as a modest addition to tools which help us make best use of our collective intelligence.


Window Rock

Photo of the rock wall at Window Rock, on the Navajo Nation, where I was visiting and working last month.

Links that I have come across recently:




Photo by Nathan Ward

Little elements that showed up lately:

Ten finds

Photo by Jeremy

I was out surfing this week…

Notes and links

I’ve decided to start posting random links again, found through my uncontrollable surfing addiction.  I’ll just publish these in lists of ten, to keep them manageable.  Some recent noticings

Summer reading

Here is a selection of interesting papers for your summer reading:

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It has been a light week of blogging – I’m taking some time off. At any rate, here are a few notes I’ve collected.

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