Open Space Resources

This collection of resources, notes, stories and references is intended to support facilitators and sponsors in convening and running Open Space Technology events. There are also resources here that may extend deeper learning in the four practice areas of opening, inviting, holding and grounding, and help you find ways to open and hold space in bigger ways.

Opening the conversation

Use these resources for opening the conversation with sponsors and preparing yourself for facilitating OpenSpace events.

Creating Invitations that rock.

Use these resources in working with sponsors to prepare invitations.

Holding space and supporting emergence

Use these resources to understand the role of the facilitator, and to help plan and layout the space in which you will be working.

Grounding the results

These resources support grounding action after Open Space and beyond.

Reading that will take you deeper into Open Space

These resources will take you deeper into a practice of Open Space as a facilitator, leader or learner in organizations, communities and life.

Books and other resources

A collection of online books that support Open Space, including the first edition of Harrison Owen’s User’s Guide.

Internet Resources

Three excellent starting places for exploring the world wide Open Space on the internet.