Along with some terrific colleagues, I offer a number of open learning workshops every year. Please consider joining me at these upcoming training and learning events. Click on the dates for more information or to register.  All of these workshops can be customized for in-house offerings as well.

Upcoming Events

Working with the unknown: How to take action when everything is uncertain

A new offering  in 2017 with Bronagh Gallagher, to enable you to better understand and work with complexity for change makers in the voluntary sector, community groups, social change movements and anyone else who is trying to use complexity thinking and practice to improve their work..

Art of Hosting

The Art of Hosting meaningful conversations is a participatory leadership learning event that works with methods of large scale group facilitation (World Cafe, Circle, Open Space Technology and others) and dives into designing, leading and hosting strategic work using these processes.

  • November 12-15, 2017, Bowen Island, BC, Canada. With Amanda Fenton, Caitlin Frost, Teresa Posakony and Tenneson Woolf.
  • November 23=25, 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands. With Tatiana Glad and Maria Scordialou

Chaordic Design Online Course

An online program taking participants through chaordic design processes for meetings, strategic initiatives and organizational development. Offered with my friends Amy Lenzo and Rowen Simonsen at Beehive Productions. Details will be coming soon

  • Four week course each Monday from 10am-noon running from January 15 to February 5 , 2018.