Home from The Burren

An incredible trip to Ireland and England with my dad, and yesterday I have returned home.  We were in The Burren in Co. Clare for an Art of Hosting and then my dad and I drove to Armagh to see the house his great grandfather was born in.  Along the way we met some distant cousins, found the graves of our ancestors and drove through the landscape of our history.  Afterwards we went to Engalnd and stayed with friends in Hertfordshire where we lived 30 years ago.  Met up with some old school mates, saw Spurs play a dreadful draw at White Hart Lane and caught up with old friends and colleagues.

Today one of our Art of Hosting participants sent this lovely John O’Donohue poem along.  O’Donohue was a poet closely associated with The Burren and I read his work on friendship the whole time I was in Clare.  This is a good way to come back home, with the memories of a great trip behind me.


I would love to live

Like a river flows

Carried by the surprise

Of its own unfolding

That is me at the moment, in the moment.



  1. Chris, I love this–both the poem, and the fact that a trip to Ireland left you feeling that way. I grew up about 40 miles south of the Burren, in Limerick.

    And I’m determined to use my new Vancouver sweetie as an excuse to meet you in BC this year.

  2. It’s a deal Dervala!