Sore…but good.

Black Belt.png

I am sore today in new ways and new places, but also very relieved, happy and honored.

Just a note to mark it.


  1. Chris, I assume that you just made it through a grading? I know exactly how you feel–I did part of my 3rd Dan grading on Sat. too–so congratulations mate!!

  2. Same to you mate…the more you learn the less you know eh?

    Congrats and good luck with the rest of it.

  3. Congratulations, Chris.

    Let the learning begin. ~~~:o)

  4. A bow of awe and congratulations to you and the lineage you represent, on this great waystation marking.

    love, Christy

  5. Congrats chris!
    I am sure there is a connection between os practice and taekwondo and you have written on it, no?

  6. Hi Raffi…there is much to write on it, but noth are very much practices of the Tao (or the Taegeuk, in Korean).

    THanks all, for your great comments.