The Tao of Taekwondo

Notes and reflections from a deeper practice of traditional taekwondo

Monday, October 27, 2008

Striking through

Four phases of learning to strike:

  1. Learning to extend your power to your opponent
  2. Learning to strike so that your power enters your opponent
  3. Learning to strike as if you are striking through your opponent
  4. Learning not to strike at all.
These correlate to learning something about opponents

  1. Learning to be in relation to another person.
  2. Learning to make contact with another person
  3. Learning to reach into another person
  4. Learning to invite another person.
Mastery with striking through means living in a stance of invitation, striking directly when needed but only if that strike will carry through a person so as to restore the field of invitation. If you have not mastered striking through you only strike the opponent and leave him or her without and invitation to restore peace and integrity.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Powerful punching and kicking

Today we were working with the adult beginners on bringing power to punching. We were doing a botchy job of explaning kinetic linkage, but this video is a great exploration of power, especially the boxer's punch: