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Monday, February 4, 2008

The deck of cards from hell

Inspired by this post from a great website on conditioning, I am starting to use a deck of cards to help me focus on my regular workout, especially when I'm away from home. Here's how it works...

Take a set of playing cards and assign one exercise to each suit. You might do what I am doing which is as follows:

  • hearts are sit ups (core)
  • diamonds are push ups (you could do a diamond push up as well!)
  • spades are hindu squats (because you dig into the ground)
  • clubs are ankle raises (which build your legs, which you use for clubbing)
If you have a bit of space and want to work on techniques, you could do something like this:

  • diamonds are roundhouse kicks
  • hearts are front kicks
  • spades are side kicks
  • clubs are back kicks
And so on...

The idea is to shuffle the cards, and draw them one at a time, executing the number of reps of that particular exercise. Take a one minute rest every ten cards.



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