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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Two serious goals

What I have discovered since receiving my 1st Dan is that I have been able to find a boatload of intrinsic motivation for my practice, but I have alos noticed that I have been missing external targets. It feels right now like an external focus will help to give me deeper motivation to focus my training.

So after thinking about it, there are two specific goals I want to train for. The first is to practice the core curriculum required for promotion to second Dan. I want to have this under my belt so to speak by June which is when one of my training partners will be standing for promotion.
I have not been invited to test then, but I want to use his test as a benchmark to look at my own progress. This will require focusing on conditioning, curriculum, theory and practice. My goal is to be ready to test for second Dan in June, regardless of whether or not I am invited to do so.

The second goal, and one which I have been invited to work towards, is achieving a refereeing certification for poomsae competition. This is a rather more modest goal, but it requires taking a course and refining my eye and practice of the Tae Geuk series. Last night I began this process in teaching orange belts Tae Geuk Sam Jang by practicing just the upper body portions of the poomsae and just the lower portions, seperately.

So two goals to track here and to plan around.

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Space and time in kyrurogi

Last night we trained in counter attacking strategy. The lesson was not so much about speed as it was to keep your distance. This is a classic tao moment for me, and the aha was moving from trying to get close enough to be able to strike quickly to actually stepping way back and inviting the opponent to come towards me. If I have lots of distance, my opponent needs to move in Counter attacking is then easier because I don't have to move so much, I can throw a counter while my opponent is off balance and I create more time by creating more space.

Know the yang but keep to the um.