Hahopa rising


Yesterday was wonderful.  We spent the whole day around a fire on MacKenzie Beach listening to three stories and reflecting back what we learned.  Pawa’s father Moy and uncle Tim both told stories of growing up in a traditional family and village.  For me Tim’s story of getting stranded with his brother in a rowboat was powerful and contained all kinds of teachings about leadership, knowledge and practice.  In the afternoon we did the same with Admire’s story from Zimbabwe, the story of what is happening at Kufunda Village.  A full day of deeply listening to stories, harvesting lessons and teachings.  And then this morning, Tim’s story was reenacted.  Myself and Kelly, one of the participants here, re-enacted the story of Tim and his brother in a canoe alternately rowing and baling and having to switch roles while the waves pitch and roll.  Physically re-enacting the story, sitting in chairs and actually switching places as if we were in a canoe leant a depth to the story – teachings about balance and safety and working together.  Feeling it is a whole different kind of listening.

One of the things that is happening here is that we are beginning to experience a really different sense of time.  We are spending our days outside, blessed by constant sunshine that is a complete surprise at this time of year.  We are gathering around a fire on the beach or sometimes outside one of the cabins where we are staying.  Teachings are flowing in everything we do, from cooking to walking, to spending time alone.  Time is so slow here and we are finding ourselves going to bed at 8:00 after the sunsets and waking up early in the morning.  This is probably one of the most interesting teachings we are getting from the land itself, watching the tides come and go and the moon grow towards fullness, as we barbeque salmon on the fire and share the work of our little village.

Purpose is beginning to arise amongst us. And as that happens, offerings are beginning to appear as well, offerings of space for future gatherings, offerings of resources and friendship and deep commitment.  We are still running the Indiegogo campaign so people from around the world are contributing there too, and you can join them.  Tomorrow we continue our living in open space, heading out for a walk in the woods and perhaps playing some lahal later after the sun goes down.

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  1. Oh Chris, I am feeling this moment in non-time with you all as I read your posts and luckily my happy poignant tears are landing on my hoodie and not my keyboard. I sent a little something to the indiegogo and am fully captivated by the teachings of this community. I also am able to experience myself as a member of the community even though the wide ocean is between us. Blessings on this event, and deep gratitude for the Truth that alchemises within me when I share space with your blog and you. Namaste and love from Sydney Australia.