One way to do it

Just thought I would share this piece of communication from my son’s school.  he attends a middle school that has a unique focus on its approach to learning and character development and there is a lot I like about it.  I especially like the way there are certain traditions that flow, giving a time for mentorship and responsibility.  Check this out:

November 1st Late Start

It has been a tradition  for the grade six class to try and formulate a valid argument (i.e. in the Practical Reasoning class) as to why students should be allowed to come late to school (i.e. 10:30) on November 1st (the day after Halloween). Given that the older students often tutor the younger students with the best arguments over the years, it is a fair bet that the students will win their argument. Just a heads-up, then, that it is almost certainly the case that there will be a 10:30 start on Thursday, November 1st.  Off-island students can therefore board the 10:00 ferry, if they choose. Note that the school will be open at 8:30 am as usual for those students who need to come in early, in any case.

As a life learner, my son has chosen to attend this school as part of his learning in life.  It’s stuff like this that confirms my insticnts about his ability to choose his mentors and his learning opportunities to balance wisdom and fun.

One comment.

  1. I was there this morning, as one of the imported art mentors. Watching the morning stretches, thoughts for the day, communications from various students with various interests and commitments at the school makes me really glad this opportunity exists (for some). It’s wonderful to see the kids take such ownership and pride in their activities; to view themselves as a part of the whole system; equal to their teachers and valued in their individual existences and contributions.
    I wish more people could both see the beauty of this and also benefit from it.