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Staying on the road

Halfway through our five day residency with leaders from the community sector and the Ministry for Children and Families here in BC.  Times like this, at middle of a five day retreat, we turn our thoughts to what comes next … Continue reading

06. November 2013 by Chris Corrigan
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A dialogue poem

Some of my friends and I with in the Art of Hosting community create poems from our work as a kind of harvest, a way of listening to the voices shared in a circle and reflecting back to the group, … Continue reading

07. October 2013 by Chris Corrigan
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Life in the Beat Nation

  Over the past 15 years First Nations artists in Canada have taken to hip hop as a powerful storytelling method.  First Nations hip hop is an incredible blend of traditional art forms, evocative imagery and raw and real exerpience … Continue reading

28. May 2013 by Chris Corrigan
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Tactic and strategy

A poem by Mario Benedetti read in the check in our second day of learning here in Baltimore. Tactic and Strategy My tactic is Looking at you, Learning how you are, Loving you as you are, My tactic is Talking … Continue reading

14. September 2012 by Chris Corrigan
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Home from The Burren

An incredible trip to Ireland and England with my dad, and yesterday I have returned home.  We were in The Burren in Co. Clare for an Art of Hosting and then my dad and I drove to Armagh to see … Continue reading

17. January 2012 by Chris Corrigan
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A poem from the streets of Calgary

A poem from my travels this week in Calgary What we were trying not to see Behind us a cloud rimmed By the electric light of a prairie spring’s Sharp sunset casts a glow On the towers downtown. In that … Continue reading

31. May 2011 by Chris Corrigan
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Insights on the nature of the times

I am here in the Morton Arboretum in Chicago where we are at the end of the first day of an Art of Hosting with our friends in the Illinois community of practice.  We have just been harvesting out of … Continue reading

23. May 2011 by Chris Corrigan
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The river is full

Back in Monticello, Minnesota on the banks of the Mississippi River where we are running the third residential learning session in collaborative leadership for a cohort of groups working to improve health in their communities. The river is high here, … Continue reading

12. May 2011 by Chris Corrigan
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A new song in an old vein

As a traditional musician schooled primarily in the Celtic tradition, I am fond of traditional themes and devices for communicating messages.  On our home island right now there is a sometimes fierce debate occurring about the future of the Crown … Continue reading

29. April 2011 by Chris Corrigan
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Society is the still face

Back in November, I worked with my mate Teresa Posakony on a two day gathering the object of which was to work to apply brain science to policy questions on the prevention of adverse childhood experiences.  On the first day … Continue reading

22. December 2010 by Chris Corrigan
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