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Farewell Pete Seeger

Well, Pete Seeger died last week.  And when giants like Pete Seeger die, there is an overwhelming flood of story and tribute that comes in.  I haven’t even scratched the surface of it, but here is one of the best … Continue reading

02. February 2014 by Chris Corrigan
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Of the musics you have ever got…

Home now from Ireland, with this marvellous extract from Flann O Brien’s “At Swim-Two-Birds” that somehow captures my experience of living a week in Ballyvaughn listening to the rush of na Gaeilige spoken from the mouths of scholars and poets … Continue reading

10. September 2013 by Chris Corrigan
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Pacing the Cage

Bruce Cockburn is probably my favourite songwriter.  This is Pacing the Cage, a hymn for our times: Sometimes the best maps will not guide you You can’t see what’s round the bend Sometimes the road leads through dark places Sometimes … Continue reading

05. June 2013 by Chris Corrigan
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Life in the Beat Nation

  Over the past 15 years First Nations artists in Canada have taken to hip hop as a powerful storytelling method.  First Nations hip hop is an incredible blend of traditional art forms, evocative imagery and raw and real exerpience … Continue reading

28. May 2013 by Chris Corrigan
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Mentoring in the world of hosting

All the best stuff I have learned about mentoring has been in the context of traditional culture, whether with indigenous Elders from Canada or in the traditional Irish music community.  Traditional Irish music is played and kept alive in a … Continue reading

06. February 2013 by Chris Corrigan
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Anthony Braxton on marginalized self expression

I used to be a huge fan of Anthony Braxton back in the day.  Braxton is an unapologetic free music practitioner, a brilliant composer and improviser and a disruptive influence in the world of American music, and jazz in particular. … Continue reading

16. January 2013 by Chris Corrigan
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Waking up beloved community

Last night in Vancouver listening to Le Vent du Nord, a terrific traditional band from Quebec. They put on one of the best live shows I have seen in a long time with outstanding musicianship combined with incredible energy. Listening … Continue reading

02. March 2012 by Chris Corrigan
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Walk Out Walk On…the hit single!

  Hard on the heels of Deborah Frieze and Meg Wheatley’s new book Walk Out Walk On comes a commissioned single from my mates Tim Merry and Marc Durkee by the same name.  Tim and Marc have beenmaking poems and … Continue reading

04. May 2011 by Chris Corrigan
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A new song in an old vein

As a traditional musician schooled primarily in the Celtic tradition, I am fond of traditional themes and devices for communicating messages.  On our home island right now there is a sometimes fierce debate occurring about the future of the Crown … Continue reading

29. April 2011 by Chris Corrigan
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Ghost Woman Blues

From “Smart Flesh” the new album from Rhoda Island band The Low Anthem comes a beautiful collection of tunes, led by Ghost Woman Blues.

20. February 2011 by Chris Corrigan
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