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Open Space Technology planning and invitation resources

This page contains links to documents which may be useful for your Open Space Technology meeting. These files are virus free.

Explaining Open Space

A five page summary of Open Space, including a three day scenario and a list of further resources, useful for opening the conversation on using Open Space Technology:

Logistics planning checklist

To keep on hand if you are the meeting coordinator, this list covers all the major tasks involved in planning an Open Space Technology meeting.

Sample agendas

For some people, the notion that a meeting has no pre-set agenda is a little hard to swallow. For those within your group who require a piece of paper with times and activities listed on it, feel free to provide them with the following:

Invitation Resources

Preparing an invitation can be a lot of work. Getting the theme just right, eliciting the passion from your group and ensuring that you have described Open Space Technology well is all important. Here are some resources to help you get started.

Report forms

In Open Space, making sure notes are kept is critical to producing a meaningful set of proceedings. Every convener is responsible for ensuring that their session is documented. These are the forms I provide to conveners as they post their topics.

Open Space evaluation form

I use a very basic evaluation for for my Open Space meetings. The form simply asks the participant to complete the sentence "As a result of this meeting..." This form provides us with valuable feedback on the experience of the participant including documenting action that is not captured in the more formal proceedings.