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Open Space Practice Workshops

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Email me to inquire about hosting an Open Space Technology practice workshop in your area.

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Open Space Technology

Open Space Technology (OST) is a transformative facilitation practice that was created in the mid-1980s by organizational consultant Harrison Owen. OST events have no keynote speakers, no pre-announced schedules of workshops, no panel discussions, no organizational booths. Instead participants create their agenda together, host small group discussions and produce a set of proceedings, all using principles of self-organization and the power of passion, invitation and personal responsibility.

Through an intentional combination of order and chaos, OST resembles the creative act of a mind moving from confusion and frustration to assimilation and discovery, but OST achieves this transition not in one mind, but simultaneously in several. Intense, focused discussion leads to mutual recognition of areas of agreement and disagreement, and thus lays the ground for knowledgeable participation in the action program that concludes with the publication of a full report on the groupís findings.

The process creates a unique spirit of community and introduces new possibilities for organizing work in communities and organizations through invitation.

The Workshop

Developed by Michael Herman and Chris Corrigan, the OST Training and Practice a two-day intensive retreat for leaders, managers, facilitators, consultants, community activists and anyone else who wants to open more space for renewal, visioning, learning and productivity in their business or community organizations.

The workshop is an opportunity for deep learning ABOUT open space, IN open space and AS the facilitator/sponsor of open space. It's a seamless blend of training and consulting, learning and doing, theory and practice.

Who Should Come?

Leaders, managers and facilitators working with very complex issues, requiring the cooperation of diverse stakeholders, where conflict is quite possible if not already present, and where there is an urgent need for right action. And anyone else who is looking for a way to get beyond business as usual, for better, faster and cheaper results on our most important issues and opportunities. This workshop also has much to offer the most seasoned group facilitators and experienced users of Open Space Technology.

What Will Happen?

You will learn about and begin to practice Open Space as a practice of invitation. This will take place almost entirely in Open Space, so the days will be full, the spirit high, the learning fast and the applications immediate. Each day will start and end with a practice-specific briefing and dialogue that will serve to bound and contextualize our time and experience in Open Space.

The first day will be all about the SPIRIT of Open Space. Our theme will be "Inviting Organization" and we'll spend the day wrestling with the deeper meaning of what it means to live and work in Open Space.

The second day will be all about the PRACTICE of Open Space Technology. Our theme will be "Organizing Invitation" and our focus will be the creation of invitations, invitation lists, program designs and follow-up plans for as many meetings, projects and situations as you care to work on.

The result is that all participants will leave with a deeper understanding of the OST practice, specific plans to apply it in as many situations as they choose to work on, AND a number of local colleagues who can offer ongoing guidance and encouragement.

For more details, or to inquire about hosting an Open Space Technology Training and Practice Workshop, email me.