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Open Space Technology

"I have been waiting to meet this way for years" -- Open Space Technology participant

"I have never seen 175 people running 45 minutes late get themselves back on schedule without anyone prompting them to do so. How did that happen?" -- Open Space Technology sponsor

"This is the first time many of our people have met the way their ancestors did" -- Stl'atl'mx Elder

Resources for practitioners and sponsors of Open Space

Welcome to Open Space…

For generations, humans have organized themselves to get things done. Human history unfolds when people come together to define their purpose, tell their stories, organize themselves and initiate action. In all cultures and in all times, leadership emerges from those who harness their passion with responsibility. Great ideas, inspired performance, and sustained activity follow.

The beauty of this story of evolution is that it all happens in spite of efforts to plan, control, cajole and structure creativity, leadership and community building. People who care enough to make something happen will make things happen. They find allies and partners in those who are drawn to their vision. They find commitment and energy in those who want to share responsibility for making things happen. All the structure, process and planning in the world can never replace the power of people acting on their passion. It all happens in Open Space.

Open Space Technology is a process originally designed by Harrison Owen which allows organizations, groups and communities to operate with high levels of dialogue, passion and commitment. It allows leadership and structure to emerge, stimulates meaningful planning and initiates inspired performance. In short, it strips away all that is non-essential and invites people to operate in Open Space.

Within these pages you will find an extensive resource dedicated to Open Space and Open Space Technology. Whether you are a sponsor or a practitioner, these resources have been designed to be used by you.